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Your pain could be the result of aging or an injury. It could be that your discs have ruptured or degenerated. Whatever reason you are in pain, we have a solution. If you are a candidate, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression can help relieve your back and neck pain. There are no shots, no drugs, no invasive procedures, no recovery time, no work loss and no surgery. More importantly, you will see considerable reduction in pain.



Dr. Sol Cogan


Dr. Sol Cogan, D.C.
President and CEO

Healing Back and Neck Pain Since 1992
Physicians to thousands of professional athletes and people just like you








Charlie Sanders

Dear Dr. Cogan,


I wanted to thank you for the help you provided me, Below is my story and feel free to share it with who ever you want.


Through the course of a 10 year career in the NFL one would expect to encounter the effects of that career later in life – In my case, I did, many of them. From knee to neck to one of the most painful of them all, my back. The night of November 8th I felt my back tighten up to the point where the pain showed on my face at the 75th Detroit Lions All Time Team Dinner. Enduring pain through the night, by 8am I found myself in Emergency at Ford Hospital – Unable to walk more then 10 feet at a time. The wheelchair was my only option if I wanted to attend the festivities to be held at Ford Field at 11:30 AM.


The pain was at such a high level that I had to be put on pain killers. I managed to make it through the game and as I was slowly working my way out of the Stadium, I met a representative from HealthQuest. Without hesitation, he arranged for an MRI the next morning, followed up by a treatment session on the DRX9000.


The MRI basically showed damage to L-4 / L-5 with pinching of the sciatica nerve – within 2 treatments I was in a normal upright working position with at least 50% pain reduction – the reaction after one week of daily treatment was so noticeable that people that had witnessed the pain and discomfort a week earlier were in disbelief – Following the directions of Dr. Cogan along with the use of the DRX 9000 treatments, after the full length of treatment (about 2 months) the burning sensation is gone along with the shooting pains down the leg. Even more amazing is the fact that the pain and suffering I went through is completely gone.


I have a lot of friends that have had back problems as a result had surgery or are still suffering with the pain, For me, surgery was not going to be an option, so because of this special and advanced way of treating back injuries, the problem was solved for me. I have personally recommended this treatment to the Detroit Lions organization and will continue to attest to the benefits of this treatment because I am pain free and enjoying every minute of it.


This is my story,


Charlie Sanders
Former Detroit Lion & NFL Hall Of Famer



More Testimonials



My name is David and I've had degenerative disc disease with stenosis for years. Three months ago I started getting back spasms with back discomfort. I tried the usual treatment with no relief. I then decided to give HealthQuest's Back & Neck Solutions and the DRX-9000 machine a try. I admit I was a little skeptical about the reported success rate with the treatment. But the theory behind it made sense to me. I didn't notice any effect for the first eighth treatments, but immediately after the ninth treatment the usual spasm associated with even changing my body position from horizontal to vertical was gone. Yes, I really wanted this treatment to work but I can't deny the immediate relief after the ninth one. I have been spasm free ever since and the back discomfort has been getting less and less.





The doctors at HealthQuest's Back & Neck Solutions and the DRX-9000 have given my life back as I now enjoy dancing, walking, golfing, working and I am back to participating in a lifestyle of athletics and the outdoors. Together with the DRX-9000 the doctor and staff have provided me with an option to naturally heal my body, eliminate pain block injections, medication and the ability to avoid having spinal surgery. I have amazed family, friends and coworkers as they have watched me immerse from the very bottom of hopelessness to right back up to the top of a 95% recovery because of non-surgical spinal decompression.





My Name is Dave Wilson and I am the Pastor of Kensington Church and Chaplain of the Detroit Lions.


When I walked (or should I say crawled) into HealthQuest for an evaluation, I could no longer function. The pain in my left leg was unbearable. A week before, I checked myself into the hospital with a self assessed pain of an 11 on scale of 1 to 10. I'm a guy who has never rated any pain in my life over a 6. My sciatica was so bad it literally felt like there was a knife stuck in my left hamstring. The pain continued all the way down to my toes. I spent two days at the hospital and they could only help me by giving me pain killing drugs and recommending surgery.


I decided there must be a better option and came to see Dr.Cogan at HealthQuest. Dr. Cogan evaluated me and my MRI and said I was a good candidate for decompression therapy. I just finished my ninth treatment on the DRX9000 and I am a new man! After the first session I knew it was going to work.


My pain was much less and I could walk again. Now after two weeks, it's like I'm brand new man. I can walk pain free. I can run, jump; really do about whatever I want. I'm ready to start playing full court basketball again and go snow boarding, of course Dr. Cogan is telling me to take it easy still but i feel as I could dunk again!


My biggest regret is that I waited so long before getting this treatment.I went for months with pins and needles before it got to the unbearable point.


Dr. Cogan and his staff have changed my life! I would recommend HealthQuest to anyone that wants to feel good again.


Dave Wilson

Pastor of Kensington Church
Detroit Lions Team Chaplain



Dear Dr. Cogan,


It has now been a couple of weeks since my last visit to the office and I wanted you to know how successful the treatment is. I have been playing golf, working at my computer and except for a one morning because I forgot my neck pillow, i no longer feel even the slightest tingling in my hand.


I attribute a great deal of my success to the care I was given by Dr. Baise. She really cared about me and I felt it each and every time I came into the office. I found my self wanting to see changs just to see her excitement as I was getting better. She is an outstanding professional with a dynamic personality. I absolutely believe that my treatment was successful in part because of her positive attitude.


My husband and I are very thankful for the expert care and compassion I was given at your office.





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